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As the times have changed from industrial to the information age, the ability to access information has turned redundant. What actually is needed is the ability to properly process, make sense of, respond to, and apply the same in a person’s life. And in order to achieve this, the focus on development of an individual must include social, physical and emotional aspects in addition to cognitive development.

By identifying uniqueness, strengths and areas of improvements for every individual, our very purpose is to address these factors to help people develop on their strengths and enable them to be at par with their peers. This would also enable individuals their wholesome development, while contributing to the society through knowing and working through their true potential. 


Our products

Through Vijayabahadur Info Solutions, we aim to create products that enrich lives individually and enable people to develop from being just a part of the social structure, to being an active contributor in its evolvement.

While we work on our ideals, our products are what convert them into concrete examples. Have a check on what difference can they make in your lives and the ones you affect!



My Talent Empowers Strength, is a next generation capability building program, which focuses on identifying the key strength areas of an individual, and empowers them by channelizing their abilities in the right direction.

Our Team

Devam the budding entrepreneur enforcing the knowledge of business and psychology to develop MyTes as a platform. Sharing his prospective to bring new ways to help society into existence with a philanthropical mindset.

34 years of Experience in Prevention of Mental health related conditions, Psychodiagnostics, Counselling and Psychotherapies.

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Ravi holds a Bachelor of Engineering and comes across with 16+ years of experience in the IT industry and has a unique blend of conceptualizing and implementing people strategies.



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