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Vijaybahadur Info Solutions

Philanthropy and social welfare! 

These words had been the driving force for Shri Vijaybahadur, who while being a prominent figure within, contributed generously to the society around him. Empowering individuals with education and opportunities, he would transform them into active builders of a growing civilization. With the core belief of “a great person makes a great society, and a great society makes a person great”, Shri Vijaybahadur has passed down his legacy through his family, which has now emerged to contribute to the very same principles he lived on.

And that is how, Vijaybahadur Info Solutions found its existence and purpose. Into this very technologically connected and information-driven timespan of the society, Vijaybahadur Info Solutions plays a role of strategically defining individual challenges and working towards achieving a well-balanced mind set, self- and society-management through every individual and their activities, and in turn, achieve the same set of goals Shri Vijaybahadur stood for! 


49, Nirmal Kalpan Society,
Chunna Bhatti, Kolar Road,
Bhopal M.P. 


Phone: +91 97542 24888