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MyTES: My Talent Empowers Strength, is a next generation capability building program, which focuses on identifying the key strength areas of an individual, and empowers them by channelizing their abilities in the right direction.

Based upon two variants, the program is capable of catering to the needs of students, as well as adults. Assessing the person’s strength on four building blocks, encompassing him/herself, others and their management, and self-management, the program is based on simple activities which can be tracked using a software.

The objectives of the program, in the variant catering to students would include:

Identification of strengths and/or any abnormalities in an early age, and working in background to help students fill the gaps, while identifying interests of the student and helping them clear out their confusions regarding career-based decisions. This, in particular, shall be achieved by monitoring the students from grade 1 itself, which would allow discovery of the specific skill sets the students have, including their cognitive, social, emotional and physical aspects, and develop on them to ensure their complete development.

The second and the adult-focused variant, would assist people achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

The objectives of the program for this variant would include:

Detection of depression or any other psychological aberrations, and improving their efficiency through psychological fitness. The program would also include skill set highlighters and carving people to gain newer skill sets by focusing on their strengths.

While all of this goes on in the backend, MyTES makes sure you are well informed of your results with ease. Displayed in the form of the “Nightingale’s Rose”, an easy to interpret graphical representation, MyTES enables viewing all of the strength indexers of a person in a single snapshot!

With a meticulously crafted workflow of activities, observations, software and results, MyTES is driven by the action of helping people get the best of themselves!


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